ZEUS® PDC creates sustainable and efficient production

PDC the control center of production

ZEUS® PDC is more than just a software solution - it is the control center of production. By collecting, analyzing and visualizing real-time data from various jobs, it enables managers and employees to make informed decisions and optimize production processes.

From order planning to order entry, ZEUS® Production Data Capture provides a holistic view of manufacturing that enables increased efficiency and reduced errors.

ISGUS for a sustainable future:

Production Data Capture by ISGUS is as individual as your company. We analyze the current state and advise you on the conception of a solution that fits your needs. From production data capture in the individual departments and areas of your production, to the coupling with your ERP solution - we accompany you competently in the introduction of PDC and customize our software and hardware solution according to your requirements.

Analyze weak points and compare departments and whole parts of your company. Order history, planned and actual costing as well as many other evaluations on which you focus are available at the push of a button.

ZEUS® Production Data Capture from ISGUS opens up a new era of production in which sustainable success and efficiency go hand in hand.