ZEUS® Staff Scheduling with the ISGUS App!

Things usually turn out differently than you think. Once you have successfully set up the staffing schedule, the news of an employee falling ill flutters into the office just at that moment. Now you either have to start all over again or be clever and request digital support! Creating a duty roster or shift schedule in its entirety, considering the multiple factors like qualification, economic efficiency and legal requirements, can hardly be done manually any more. Digitally, it's easy. Software tools such as ZEUS® Staff Scheduling are fast calculators and are ideally suited to handle last-minute changes to plans.

Why is the integration of time management and staff planning so important?
Time & Attendance and Staff Scheduling are closely linked as principally both always revolve around the time factor. The question who can work how much time at what time is the basis of all personnel planning. However, only modern time management systems such as ZEUS® Time and Attendance ensure a smooth and efficient workflow and finally simplify planning tasks. Thanks to the high degree of mobility and flexibility in time recording, employees have direct access to the system allowing them to shape the planning according to the individual situation. Absences or sickness notifications are recorded via an app, such as ZEUS® mobile, or directly on a PC or tablet and are then automatically imported into the Staff Scheduling system. It is immediately apparent in which area a staff shortfall is to be expected. Staff planners, supervisors and colleagues can react within minutes to close the gap. This means that ZEUS® Time and Attendance and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling interlock seamlessly and create a communicative network between all people involved.