ZEUS® Time & Attendance

Your employees are undoubtedly the most valuable asset of your organisation. Individual and motivational working hours may be a decisive factor in the competition for qualified employees. ZEUS® Time & Attendance allows you to flexibly adapt your working hours to the respective workloads. ZEUS® manages your working time patterns complying with existing service agreements and collective agreements at any time. High practical relevance and performance of ZEUS® Time & Attendance reliably automate time recording, processing and data transfer to your payroll system.

Especially in the age of digitalisation, such automated processes are becoming more and more important. Audited interfaces to any payroll accounting systems, personnel information systems and ERP solutions are available assisting you in reducing the required time to bill your employees.

Moreover, web-based workflows provide information and perform standard processes of data maintenance transparently and economically - without any documents, forms or need for queries to the human resources department.

Furthermore, your employees are able to retrieve information in real time using the multiple information options, e. g. online enquiry via ISGUS terminals. Additionally, they have access to their personal data at any time (e. g. vacation planning). Via the web-based workflows, you can easily handle missed bookings and absences. Based on these possibilities, the ISGUS solution enjoys a very high level of acceptance.