ZEUS® Workforce Management improves employee engagement ᐅ in manufacturing

Improving employee engagement in the manufacturing industry is a crucial question, considering the significant challenges it faces with its workforce, such as labor shortages and skill gaps. Some of these challenges stem from the fact that despite rapid automation, there is an aging workforce in this sector that poses difficulties in finding replacements. An essential aspect of retaining employees lies in cultivating a positive workplace culture. Such culture encompasses various elements; however flexible working arrangements emerged as one vital consideration for many employees. These findings suggest that creating support systems like the ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS and acknowledging accomplishments play critical roles when engaging and retaining talent within the manufacturing industry.

ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS creates new motivation factors. But how? Plan and optimise your personnel and time management. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance and the ZEUS® mobile app, you can give your employees the flexible working hours they need to keep their skilled labour. If you do experience staff fluctuations, ISGUS has another advantageous solution for you with its ZEUS® Staff Scheduling module. Problems with determining staff requirements or daily staff scheduling are a thing of the past for you with this modul. To concentrate even more on your employees, it's worth getting started with the ISGUS Cloud. Convinced? Get in touch with us!