ZEUS® X mobile

In the age of digitalization, a modern workforce management has to offer much more than just recording and calculating working hours. Time Recording is no longer used to control employees, but much more to automate processes such as the administration of absence times, vacation planning and the transfer of hours worked to payroll. Temporary workers, part-time workers, trainees and / or field technicians are efficiently planned, managed and billed.

Our web-based software solution ZEUS® eXperience is designed to make Time Recording a clear and simple process within your company. With ZEUS® X you waste neither time nor resources. The web-based ISGUS solution has decisive advantages due to state-of-the-art technology. On the one hand, ISGUS offers Time Management both as a purchase license and as a service in its own data centre. When used as Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud, there is no need to purchase and maintain computers, databases and the most likely "outsourced" payroll also needs no own resources. With regard to data protection and data security, you are safe with ISGUS. Our security data centre is located at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen. That means, German law applies and we are independent of external and possibly changing service providers.

Another advantage of the ISGUS solution is that Time Recording is no longer tied to a stationary installed Time Recording terminal. Time bookings as well as the beginning and end of services, orders and projects that your employees provide on-site at the customer can be done from the smart phone and tablet. It gives you fast and up-to-date data on project progress and working hours that your employees have productively booked. The team leader or foreman has an overview of the present or missing employees at all times and can submit and approve absenteeism and correction requests for his team members from anywhere.

Mobile devices have not only become the current standard medium in the private environment, but also open up new application possibilities in Time Management and mobile Data Collection, which were expensive, prone to failure and therefore mostly short-lived so far.

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