Alcohol bottleneck at Christmas

Alcohol bottleneck at Christmas

This year's Christmas could be more alcohol-free than previous years. The British wine and spirits industry warns of a shortage of alcoholic beverages at Christmas. The selection will be smaller, and prices may increase. The reason for this is a lack of lorry drivers. In Great Britain alone, there is a shortfall of 100,000.

Consider all factors

Knowing what drives demand and determining the economically optimal requirement for personnel on this basis is only one side of things Meeting the determined staffing needs with the necessary skills and many other factors is a much more complex task. That is why we work with you to develop a joint concept that is tailored to your needs and possibilities.

The ideal addition

In combination with ZEUS® Time & Attendance, the two modules are the perfect complement to each other. The personnel deployment planning module controls the time recording, which means you can always rely on your plans also being based on correct working time models, and can be sure that your employees’ working hours will be billed correctly.