Capture tasks in the municipal sector

Capture tasks in the municipal sector

Municipal service employees spend most of their time away from the office and are involved in many different activities every day. Recording the work done and the time worked is a cumbersome process for some. It is hardly practical to return to the administration every time there is a change of activity, and noting down the individual times requires a considerable amount of rework. The most efficient solution is therefore to use mobile solutions for recording working and project times. 

The ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile is perfectly suited for this purpose. Each activity can be entered easily and quickly via smartphone or tablet and is thus recorded directly in the system. General working and break times are also booked via the app, so no extra trips are necessary. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the employees and also increases transparency, as the data is immediately available to all authorised colleagues. 

Job Costing from ISGUS integrates seamlessly with the other Workforce Management modules and can thus be easily used together with Time & Attendance, Access Control or Staff Scheduling. There is no restriction whether you use your system locally or use the Software as a Service offer in the ISGUS Cloud.

Why ZEUS® Production Data Capture ensures more transparency and more efficiency for your company? We show it to you: