Electronic <strong>Access Control</strong> for <strong>manufacturers</strong>

Electronic Access Control for manufacturers

Customer wishes and profit maximisation are at the forefront of corporate goals in the manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, the needs of your workforce should always be in focus so that you do not lose sight of them when it comes to digitisation. Because satisfied employees work more efficiently and enjoy doing their job. Especially in manufacturing companies with large premises, protection against unauthorised access is therefore particularly important. Not only the employees themselves, but also the technologies and manufactured products must be protected in order to ensure high quality and competitive advantages.

The ISGUS solution for all company-sizes

No matter whether you are a small family business or a large multinational corporation. The ISGUS solution for access security can be used in a completely modular way in all company sizes. Benefit from the various online or offline solutions with our access readers and turn corporate security into an end-to-end digital process.



Significantly reduce the effort required to manage your time recording. ZEUS® creates maximum productivity through working hours that can be organised flexibly. This allows you to noticeably reduce your costs by making optimal use of your operating hours.

Also include adminstrational staff working from home with our web terminal or the mobile app. All employees have access to the system wherever they are at any time. With Employee-Self-Services everybody can request for holiday or other absences to increase the efficiency of your processes.


The term staff scheduling covers the assignment of different qualified employees to various positions according to demand. Your requirement profile, various shift and working time models are automatically taken into account by the software in order to ensure optimal deployment planning. Spontaneous schedule changes, absences, shift requests or free capacities are taken into account by the HR software for you in order to minimise the susceptibility to errors in the duty or shift schedule.

Let ISGUS host, secure and maintain your workforce data – ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

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ZEUS® mobile
Record your employees’ attendance and working times via our mobile app

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All information on workforce management from ISGUS

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Software Solutions


ZEUS® HR-Management

Revolutionise your HR-Management - Efficient, innovative and reliable

Time & Attendance

ZEUS® Time & Attendance

A time-saving and reliable solution to optimize all Workforce Management tasks.

Staff Scheduling

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Optimize your staff scheduling through demand-oriented workforce management.

Access Control

ZEUS® Access Control

Round the clock security for your employees and guests – as well as 24/7 access control to secure buildings and office equipment.

Production Data Capture

ZEUS® Production Data Capture

Collect data on your projects and production processes to streamline and optimize your Key Performance Indicators.

SAP Communication

ZEUS® SAP Communication

Communicate ISGUS Time & Attendance and Access Control products effectively with SAP HCM.