Extend Your <strong>Workforce Management</strong> Solution with <strong>Payroll Export</strong>

Extend Your Workforce Management Solution with Payroll Export

Recording the hours worked is an important step for companies to increase productivity and record the performance of their employees. The ISGUS software supports you in this endeavour and offers you the right solution, which can also be used on the road or in the home office, so that all employees can record working hours at any time. This process is fast, efficient and relieves employees and HR

However, the subsequent processes often involve additional work for the HR department, which greatly reduces the high level of efficiency. This does not have to be the case. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance, the time data of the recorded working hours can be exported directly and easily to your payroll software and are thus immediately available for payroll accounting. The layouts can be customised to such an extent that they fit perfectly with your current payroll solution. 

Since these processes usually occur at regularly recurring periods, ZEUS® allows you to define when these reports are to be created. Whether monthly, weekly, daily or individually, you are in control. 

ZEUS® Workforce Management instantly provides you with an overview of the working time frame of your employees. We will show you: