<strong>Flexible clocking in solutions</strong> » to simplify isolation time

Flexible clocking in solutions » to simplify isolation time

Due to the effects of the Corona pandemic, there may currently be short-term outages when employees have to go into isolation. Many companies have already prepared for such situations in the last two years and equipped their employees with the necessary equipment so that they can also work from home. However, apart from the actual employment, it is often the internal processes that fall by the wayside. Recording working hours, making requests or simply keeping track of employees who are present or absent is often difficult. 

The developments of the pandemic, through milder courses of illness and a shortened isolation period of only five days in the UK, support short-term moves to the home office in order to still be able to be active. The use of digital workforce management systems is therefore a sensible step towards digitisation. 

The ZEUS® Time and Attendance system from ISGUS provides you with a system that allows you to access your system easily and flexibly from different work locations, so that you can benefit from the advantages of ZEUS® at any time. Whether at the terminal, via PC or smartphone, all employees can quickly and easily make a booking, view the attendance overview or submit a request for e.g. an absence. This means that your employees are also optimally integrated into the workforce management system in isolation

Clocking in in the home office

Working from home has become an essential part of daily work for many. Whether planned, at short notice due to a private appointment or even isolation time, a large number of employees work from home every day. However, digital workforce management is necessary in order to remain involved in the personnel processes in the home office. The alternative is cumbersome supplementary entries and, above all, inaccuracies that are easy to prevent. 

Mobile time recording

Employees who have changing work locations must also be included in the processes of the HR department in order to be able to benefit from the continuous processes of working time recording through to payroll accounting. Using the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile, your field staff can easily book their working and break times or submit absence requests. If desired, location data can also be stored for bookings so that it remains traceable where the employee was. By using the ISGUS app, you have access to the most important functions at any time - even without an internet connection.