<strong>Geofenced</strong> time tracking

Geofenced time tracking

When it comes to mobile workforces, the organisation and tracking of employee’s time worked is a special challenge. However, the solution is obvious: via ZEUS® mobile app employees can automatically be clocked in and out or receive a notification when they are in an area with an available job. Thereby, the time spent on different projects can directly be displayed and is automatically splitted between the different jobs and orders. When using the mobile time tracking solution without automatic bookings, you can split the time worked afterwards.

The possibilities of geofenced time tracking go far beyond of 'normal' tracking. It enables exact evaluations and a better accounting. All data tracked via the mobile app can be accessed on the PC via any browser and at every location. So, managers or supervisors can easily inform theirselves whenever they want to get information. That is also an advantage for invoices.

The result of geofenced time tracking are more reliable time data that enable a more organised labour. Beside the linking to other modules of the ISGUS Workforce Management, notifications offer real added value. Not only location-based available jobs are suggested, even notifications for the achievement of a predefined threshold, a new absence request and many more are possible.

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The ISGUS mobile app can be used for all. Nevertheless, there are situations where a PC or terminal is more suitable, as it is clearer and in a few cases also offers more functions. Use ZEUS® Time and Attendance.

ZEUS® Time & Attendance is a time-saving and cost-efficient workforce management solution. Tasks that would otherwise eat into your busy schedule, such as creating workflows, generating notifications and sending communications, become quick and easy standard processes when you choose ZEUS®. It is designed for high-performance across business sector and company size.


Call up the duty roster on the go via smartphone or tablet, reschedule a shift if necessary and submit an absence request? No problem! But neither is planning on the PC with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling from ISGUS.

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling makes your planning processes more efficient. If a staff shortage occurs, the appropriate employees are notified directly via the ISGUS terminal’s integrated messenger function, through the ZEUS® mailbox and their mobile phones. This provides an interactive means for employees to accept or reject the suggested shift. This digital shift swap function swap allows employees to exchange shifts using the same communication channels as the shift offer.

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

You are interested in: ZEUS® mobile - the app, that makes your time management mobile? Learn more about working and project time recording via mobile smartphone app everywhere at any time in our Whitepaper.

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