Green ammonia from surplus electricity

Green ammonia from surplus electricity

The British Orkney Islands produce green electricity in abundance. Residents want to use this surplus to produce green ammonia, which could be used in the future to operate ships and aircraft in a climate-friendly manner. Tidal turbines, which take advantage of the natural alternation between low and high tide, generate electricity in this way. The excess that is generated in addition by wind turbines and solar systems on the roofs is to be converted into green ammonia.

More than just climate protection

The resulting benefits even go beyond climate protection. Data is captured quickly and reliably without errors in all production areas, as well as design and development, thanks to a prior, extensive plausibility check. This means that simple time records for projects or orders can be reliably recorded in small and medium-sized craft businesses. Our production data capture functions just as optimally for more complex processes in industry with ERP integration.

Current data and additional options

You have constant access to up-to-date data, enabling you to make improvements in the problem areas of your production processes. This allows you to optimally plan workflows, shorten lead times, control costs, and much more. You can expand and supplement ZEUS Production Data Acquisition with ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling.

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