<strong>Working with the ZEUS® Time & Attendance anywhere</strong>

Working with the ZEUS® Time & Attendance anywhere

The pandemic situation is currently easing increasingly. There are hardly any contact restrictions and regulations for closed spaces that have been lifted. There is also nothing standing in the way of returning to work. Nevertheless, some workers prefer to continue working from home, although only partially.

Focus on personal responsibility

Thanks to included functions like team managers and interactive functions such as shift exchanges and digital shift exchange, your employees can carry out their tasks independently. Employees in the HR department are relieved of the burden and can take care of other important things.

Keep an eye on everything on the go

Both you as an employer and employees have the relevant information in view at all times. Current data analyses, reports, planning and calendar overviews are available anytime and anywhere.

In the last step, the complete independence of location is provided by the use via tablet and smartphone. The functions described above are also fully available here. In the home office, tasks and working hours can be carried out just as well as on site in the company.