Improvement of the situation

Improvement of the situation

The previous market turbulence caused by the announced tax relief has initially eased in the wake of the UK's new budget plans. The aim is to raise taxes again, limit expenditure and ensure stability. Despite everything, the economy should continue to be stimulated.

Mastering fluctuations

Oftentimes, the fluctuating workload cannot be accommodated in a timely manner with staff capacity. The result is often extra work, temporary staff and temporary employment, which puts a strain on your success, while staff capacity and costs remain high when the workload is low. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling from ISGUS helps you with optimal planning. This way, you can ensure that the necessary number of staff with the required qualifications are available when you need them.

Possible combinations

In combination with ZEUS® Time & Attendance, the two modules support each other during daily staff scheduling and are an ideal complement to each other. You always have up-to-date working time accounts, holiday calendars and absence planning at your disposal. The fact that staff scheduling is controlled by time recording means that the right working time models can be relied upon.

My ZEUS® offers you all important functions for your Workforce Management - See for yourself: