Increase the efficiency of your <strong>Staff Scheduling</strong> in retail industry

Increase the efficiency of your Staff Scheduling in retail industry

Staff Scheduling in retail industry is a necessity for optimal occupation at the right time. This ensures that all customer requirements are met and that the right mix of advice and service can be offered. Get to know ZEUS® and increase the efficiency of your Staff Scheduling.

With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling you easily and comfortably solve all upcomming personnel bottlenecks, even if understaffing occures at short-term. The presence staff display in ZEUS® also proposes suitable replacement staff to enable a rapid and appropriate response in the event of bottlenecks. This increases your flexibility incredibly, saves time and raise the economic efficiency of your Staff Scheduling.

The simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation of our software is quickly learned and can be used by every employee via the various devices. Thus, the Staff Scheduling is not only available at the terminal or PC, but also mobile on smartphone and tablet, which allows colleagues to be informed about a shift change while on the road. Relieve those responsible for your planning with software from ISGUS and increase the efficiency of your Staff Scheduling

Staff Scheduling complements ISGUS' workforce management. Time and Attendance, Access Control and Prodution Data Capture fit seamlessly together and result in a comprehensive modular system

Why should you use ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in your company?

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ZEUS® Staff Scheduling
Up to date Staff Scheduling - digital, simple, from anywhere

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ZEUS® Time and Attendance
Digital via smartphone or tablet, at a PC or via terminal - tailored to your needs

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ZEUS® mobile
Mobile Workforce Management via smartphone and tablet

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Software Solutions


ZEUS® HR-Management

Revolutionise your HR-Management - Efficient, innovative and reliable

Time & Attendance

ZEUS® Time & Attendance

A time-saving and reliable solution to optimize all Workforce Management tasks.

Staff Scheduling

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Optimize your staff scheduling through demand-oriented workforce management.

Access Control

ZEUS® Access Control

Round the clock security for your employees and guests – as well as 24/7 access control to secure buildings and office equipment.

Production Data Capture

ZEUS® Production Data Capture

Collect data on your projects and production processes to streamline and optimize your Key Performance Indicators.

SAP Communication

ZEUS® SAP Communication

Communicate ISGUS Time & Attendance and Access Control products effectively with SAP HCM.