Misdiagnosis just before Christmas

Misdiagnosis just before Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a peaceful period. However, many patients of a medical practice in the north of England received a shock just before it. A practice in Askern near Doncaster sent a text containing a cancer diagnosis just before the holidays, followed by an apology in a text which came shortly after. The actual message was supposed to wish patients a merry festive period and a happy new year. However, this upset many of those affected. Misdiagnoses or incorrect results can also have a significant impact on your company.

Advantages of the ISGUS solution

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Optimal efficiency gains

To ensure optimal efficiency gains, we tailor our ZEUS® software solutions to both your company and your needs. This ensures data collection is just as unique as your business. What's more, ZEUS® Production Data Capture can also be expanded and supplemented with ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling.