<strong>More Transparency</strong> in Manufacturing with <strong>Production Data Capture</strong>

More Transparency in Manufacturing with Production Data Capture

Having current and process-relevant data available when needed is an important prerequisite for optimal control in production. The recording of current machine and order data, such as actual and target quantities, makes this possible. With Production Data Capture from ISGUS, you can expand your existing time recording and access system with an intelligent solution for manufacturing. Record the corresponding order data directly via the ISGUS terminals, which can be entered via the touch screen or an externally connected scanner. 

Managers have direct access to this data on the PC, can create reports and positively influence further control. This creates transparency and increases productivity and efficiency. 

If Production Data Capture is used in addition to Time and Attendance and Access Control from ISGUS, you can benefit from further advantages. Employees have the same look and feel as they do via the terminal for booking working hours and can also use the same badge to identify themselves for bookings at the ISGUS terminals. ZEUS® Workforce Management has a modular structure and can be expanded as desired to include the modules time and attendance, staff scheduling, access control or production data capture. 

Why ZEUS® Production Data Capture ensures more transparency and more efficiency for your company? We show it to you:


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ZEUS® Production Data Capture
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Whitepaper on software for your production

Whitepaper on software for your production

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Production Data Capture - comprehensive information for the exact control of production processes