No end to rising energy costs

No end to rising energy costs

The current costs for gas and electricity have already risen to record levels, and there is no end in sight. From October onwards, British consumers will have to prepare for a further 80% increase. Unlike in previous years, additional consumption is not protected by a price cap. The upcoming winter does not favour this situation. The only option that remains is to reduce energy consumption. But that's often easier said than done.

Evaluation from anywhere

The analysis of vulnerabilities and the comparison of departments as well as entire parts of the company can be easily implemented with ZEUS® Production Data Capture (PDC). At the touch of a button, your order history, planned costs and actual costs are available to you, as well as numerous other evaluations – depending on what you are focusing on.

Suitable for any business

From simple time recording for projects or orders in small and medium-sized craft businesses to complex production data capture involving ERP connection in industry, everything is possible. Up-to-date information and key figures enable analyses and conclusions that are indispensable for efficient and cost-effective production control.