Number of strikes <strong>continues to increase</strong>

Number of strikes continues to increase

In London, Health workers have stopped working due to a strike. This was one of the biggest strikes to hit the British state health service. The health workers are demanding a pay rise due to the current extremely high inflation. The shortage of skilled workers is making working conditions very difficult for all concerned. Further strikes will follow...

The shortage of skilled workers brought many new challenges for the health sector in this regard. The increased staffing needs are compensated for with overtime, temporary staff and temporary employment, which put a strain on success. However, this approach is not goal-oriented and causes staff to be overworked and also inhibits efficiency and agility. Digital staff scheduling is therefore elementary in order to cope with the new challenges and at the same time not to neglect the well-being of the patients. The ZEUS® software modules Staff Scheduling and Time and Attendance by ISGUS complement each other ideally and support you in determining staffing requirements and in daily staff scheduling. You are alerted at all times to understaffing, overstaffing and absenteeism. Working time accounts, holiday calendars and absence planning are always available to you when planning.


The staffing detail display provides the user with all information about staff members who are scheduled for a shift in question or for other shifts, who are not on duty, who are available in the reserve pool or who are absent. The planner thus receives a list of suggestions, which he can use to immediately locate and directly contact replacement staff in the event of sudden bottlenecks in order to compensate for the staff shortage that has occurred.



The employees themselves can also offer to swap their early, normal or late shifts to all colleagues if necessary. Those willing to swap who accept the offer interactively are automatically suggested to the planner as a replacement. The planner approves the shift swap
or rejects it with good reason.


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