<strong>Reduce paper consumption with ZEUS® Time & Attendance</strong>

Reduce paper consumption with ZEUS® Time & Attendance

The increasing shortage of paper is not only posing a challenge for paper mills. Companies that record data mainly on paper also have difficulties in dealing with the situation.

A general solution to the paper crisis is not yet in sight. Circumstances that you cannot change, but can react to. It requires an adjustment in the form of a digital transition. This is where ZEUS® Time & Attendance comes in.

Access the information from anywhere

With one click, you get an overview of the relevant information at any time and anywhere. It doesn't matter whether it's a work computer, a multifunction terminal, a smartphone or tablet.

The effort for routine and control activities is significantly reduced and the web-based workflows provide transparent information.

Efficient for you and the environment

The use of ZEUS® Time & Attendance therefore results in significantly more advantages. The saved costs for paper can be sensibly invested elsewhere and improve your company efficiently.

In addition, the reduced need for paper has a lasting effect on the environment. In this way, you will not only be doing something good for your company, but also for your environment.