<strong>Production Data Capture</strong> from ISGUS » in <strong>UK's manufacturing</strong>

Production Data Capture from ISGUS » in UK's manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are feeling the increasing pressure to adapt to the changing environment. UK's SMEs in particular are currently facing a variety of challenges. At the same time, they are offered enormous opportunities and potential. In order to remain competitive in the future, SMEs must reposition themselves and face the challenges

The implementation of digital solutions can help companies to streamline business processes, increase productivity and open up new business areas. In doing so, the step into a digital future is not too far. The key to increased efficiency and thus increased profit lies in the networking and use of information that accumulates in every business on a daily basis. The collection of this production data is a necessary prerequisite for the automation of production control and thus a central step on the way to a smart factory. 

No matter how far you want to go into detail and which actual data are important for your evaluations. With ZEUS® Production Data Capture, you collect all data reliably, paperlessly and flexibly - from the smallest work steps to complex machine data. Factors such as productivity, delivery reliability, throughput times, quantity, idle times or performance level are just some of the key figures that every successful production company permanently needs for its production data controlling and should also always have in view.

ZEUS® Production Data Capture from ISGUS enables you to monitor order costs, order times, cost centres, workplaces and machines. Your processes become much more transparent and you optimise the control of your production at the same time.

ZEUS® Production Data Capture
PDC - individual, digital and as unique as your company

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Work with the award-winning IT 8210 terminal - we show it to you:

Thanks to our IT 8210 terminal you provide every employee with comprehensive functionalitites. In addition to daily IN and OUT bookings, you can, for example, add a forgotten business trip booking directly at the terminal - and thus also enable employees without their own PC workstation to make the request.

With the ISGUS App, you are informed via push notificaiton of an employee's request and can directly approve it from anywhere and any device. With ZEUS® mobile, you always have your workforce management with you.