Protection zone in front of practices

Protection zone in front of practices

Time and time again, we hear of incidents of abortion opponents demonstrating in front of counselling centres and medical practices. In order to protect doctors and patients from radical opponents of abortion, the British House of Commons has decided to set up protection zones in front of such facilities. The plan is to enforce the ban within a radius of 150 metres and to punish violations with penalties.

Easy modifications

Thanks to the electronic locking plan, it is always possible to see who is authorised to open certain doors or pass through certain sections of the building. You can easily save temporary and long-term changes directly. The access control terminal transfers any alarm events directly to your alarm management system and to the security control centre.

Optically appealing solutions

Regardless of the structural conditions of your company, ISGUS has a suitable solution that is also visually appealing. At the same time, the ISGUS solution supports all common identification methods. With our access readers, you can choose between freely designable company ID cards or hard-wearing and elegant transponders in a key ring format.