<strong>Reduce energy costs with ZEUS® Production Data Capture (PDC)</strong>

Reduce energy costs with ZEUS® Production Data Capture (PDC)

Due to the ongoing circumstances (the ongoing war in Ukraine), the prices of raw materials and other consumer goods are rising steadily.

Energy costs, which have an impact in every area, are not excluded from this. The same applies to non-optimised production processes. They consume more energy and therefore generate more costs. Costs that can be avoided.

A reliable, efficient compilation and evaluation of the underlying data is required.

Everything at a glance

You have unrestricted access to the data collected. Order history, planned and final costing as well as many other evaluations that you focus on are available at the push of a button.

Our production data acquisition system can reduce energy consumption in many areas. The energy saved can lead to cost savings or be used elsewhere.

Optimisation down to the smallest detail

With the help of ZEUS® Production Data Capture, you can plan optimal workflows and shorten throughput times.

The highly flexible, bidirectional ERP communication of our BDE concept (production data acquisition concept) enables more efficient and energy-saving production to be implemented, which is individually oriented and adapted to your processes.

Current information and key figures provide important data for analyses and conclusions that are indispensable for economical production control.