Save on electricity costs with ISGUS solutions

Save on electricity costs with ISGUS solutions

Ever-rising electricity prices are pushing Britain further into a crisis of the cost of living. In addition to private households, companies are also affected. In order to relieve the general situation, it is more than advisable to act according to the circumstances. A saving in energy costs can already be achieved by recording operating data. ISGUS offers you a solution for this.

Custom solutions

No matter which area your company operates in, the ZEUS® Production Data Capture (PDC) is also tailored individually to you. First, the current situation is analysed, on the basis of which we then advise you. The design is tailored to your needs, giving you the best possible solution.

Error-free data capture

The ZEUS® Production Data Capture  ensures error-free data acquisition through an extensive plausibility check. Regardless of whether it is for a simple project or order time recording in small to medium-sized craft businesses, or whether it is for complex production data recording with ERP connection in industry.

Why ZEUS® Production Data Capture ensures more transparency and more efficiency for your company? We show it to you: