<strong>Scheduling</strong> conflicts ᐅ <strong>plan optimally</strong>  with <strong>ZEUS® Workforce Management</strong>

Scheduling conflicts ᐅ plan optimally with ZEUS® Workforce Management

If you struggle with workforce management, know you aren’t alone. A study by BrightHR found that 35% of small and medium size businesses (SMBs) in the UK struggle with managing employee time off, with 32% saying it impacts employee morale, and that 24% of SMBs struggle with managing employee scheduling, with 20% saying it impacts customer satisfaction.

Scheduling conflicts and employee availability

SMBs often struggle to create work schedules that meet both the needs of their business AND their employees. You need to create schedules that meet the needs of your business while also taking into account employee availability and working preferences.

Time and attendance tracking

Accurately tracking employee time and attendance is a critical aspect of workforce management, however small your business. That's because accurate tracking of employee hours worked is crucial for accurate payroll processing, compliance with your local labour laws and monitoring employee performance.

With ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS, you can optimally plan and control your personnel and time management. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling improves the quality of planning in your company. With ZEUS® Time & Attendance, you can save time and reliably solve all time management tasks. Find out more about all our solutions and get inspired!


Mobility and home office do not affect correct Time & Attendance in any way. The system can also be operated via an app using a smartphone or tablet. It has proven its worth for a long time, as many employees often do not show up at work in the morning. This includes construction yard employees who drive to the job site, or employees of the mobile care service. ISGUS mobile Time & Attendance can also be used in the home office. In addition to the ISGUS app, however, software is also available for the PC in the home office.

Only SaaS customers in the ISGUS data center have a permanent online connection to their host! Users of a local solution need a public IP with certificate or VPN tunnel for an online connection.


More and more users are no longer hosting their software solutions in their own IT, but are resorting to computer centres that offer the appropriate computer environment, operating systems and their entire administration as a service. What has long been common practice in the area of payroll accounting is now also offered by ISGUS in its own data centre.

By using the ISGUS solution ZEUS® in the ISGUS data centre, you create added value by saving on your own IT, which can be decisive in competition.

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