<strong>Smart Time Recording</strong> via App

Smart Time Recording via App

In times of crisis like these, the hype around mobile working time recording encompasses almost all sectors. Not only those whose teams are on the road anyway on construction sites, in property supervision or in facility management. The demand also comes from sectors that have to send their employees to the home office because of health protection.

Digital time recording via a workforce management app is not only a time saver for employees, but above all for HR and management. Provided, of course, that the app is easy and correct to use without explanation for all user groups, even the digitally non-affine.

In addition to time efficiency, control over employees' working hours is a good argument - especially in times of home office and remote working. No matter whether field service, office work or a single object: supervisors have the start, end and break times of their employees in view at all times. Overtime is also clearly displayed in real time per day, week, month and year in the account. Requests for absences such as leave or illness are also made via mobile app and are visible in real time at all times.

Mobile Time Management with the ISGUS App. We present numerous functions - see for yourself:

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

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Mobile time management - Record working hours where they occur