<strong>Staff scheduling</strong> in <strong>production</strong> » how it works with <strong>ISGUS!</strong>

Staff scheduling in production » how it works with ISGUS!

Flexibility becomes the key factor for resilience

Flexible reactions are required – with short-time working, shift plan changes, changes in shift handovers. Then there would later be opportunities to reduce labour capacity in some areas and increase it in others. Few companies were prepared for such fluctuations, for example by introducing job security accounts or "gear shift models".

Intelligent management of bottleneck situations

The shortage of skilled labour is becoming a pressing problem for production companies. Long-serving employees are retiring and there is a lack of qualified young talent despite training initiatives. Studies show that this is not a problem specific to production, but that we are heading towards systematic bottlenecks in the labour market. If you want to maintain production and delivery capacity in such a situation, you have to act in the short, medium and long term – in the short term by managing bottlenecks in a planned manner and in the long term by developing strategies to position yourself convincingly and attractively in the battle for skilled labour.

Process digitalisation and digital interaction with ISGUS

With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, you have the ability to swiftly and flexibly respond to growing staffing needs without resorting to overtime, temporary employees, or agency workers. This not only helps you save money but also saves valuable time and resources. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling by ISGUS provides a comprehensive view of your current staff deployment, enabling you to promptly adapt to any changes that may arise. By avoiding overtime and understaffing scenarios, this solution guarantees heightened employee satisfaction and promotes efficient work practices.

Every important aspect that must be considered in personnel deployment planning is fully addressed by ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. This encompasses factors such as working hours, labor laws, time tracking, and absence management. In addition, our solution enables efficient coordination of vacation scheduling, personnel costs monitoring, and forecasting future staffing needs.

Don't leave your employees standing alone, take them by the hand.





Intelligent staffing is vital for maximizing productivity and efficiency in your industry. Our services extend to various sectors such as healthcare, hotel and hospitality, logistics, and more. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling seamlessly integrates with our ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution, forming an essential component of the comprehensive ZEUS® Workforce Management system – whether on-premise or in the ISGUS cloud!

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