Strengthening <strong>employee loyalty</strong> ᐅ with <strong>Time and Attendance in wholesale</strong>

Strengthening employee loyalty ᐅ with Time and Attendance in wholesale

There are varying opinions regarding the root cause of the skills shortage. While some attribute it to the stereotype of the "lazy Generation Z", others believe that the preference for higher education over specialist training plays a role. However, despite these factors contributing to the shortage, they are not the primary reason for the decline in labor force participation. In a landscape with abundant job opportunities, it is crucial to prioritize employee retention. This begs the question: How can one ensure a better working environment for their employees?

ZEUS® Time and Attendance by ISGUS offers a cutting-edge solution for enhancing efficiency in various industries, including wholesales. Regardless of the scale of your business, you can stay updated with this innovative tool. Whether opting for the ISGUS Cloud or on-premise installation, this contemporary time recording system enables digital recording of work hours on a computer or through a mobile application.

Moreover, ZEUS® Time and Attendance contributes to boosting employee satisfaction significantly. Through transparent recording of work hours, staff members can effortlessly monitor and manage their working hours, fostering trust and motivation within the team.


Various information options are accessible through ISGUS terminals, email, mobile, and the internal messenger, allowing employees and management to obtain information directly without the need to involve the HR department or supervisor.

This streamlined communication between individuals and the system enhances coordination and approval processes. These features are compatible with smartphones and tablets, enabling location-independent time management. The system facilitates highly flexible work organization, new work scenarios, remote work, and mobile assignments, making planning and control effortless.


Our ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution is versatile and suitable for companies of all sizes and industries. We customize the system's scalable functions and modular expandability to perfectly fit your specific requirements and organizational structure.

By utilizing ISGUS' Time and Attendance software, you can easily adjust your employees' working hours based on workload fluctuations. ZEUS® you to efficiently manage the working schedules of various employee groups in compliance with labor laws and collective agreements.