Strike with consequences

Strike with consequences

Due to rising prices, the workforce of the port north-east of London is demanding higher wages – for the first time in more than 30 years, there is a strike in Felixstowe. Nearly 2,000 employees have ceased work in Britain's largest container port for eight days. Of course, this not only has an impact on the port itself, but also on numerous companies that depend on deliveries by ship.

Reduced effort

In addition to the efficiency of the planning, the effort required for it also reduced. Shift exchanges and digital swapping of shifts enable your employees to swap shifts with colleagues autonomously. Eligible employees are selected and informed about this at the ISGUS terminal and on their mobile via the integrated messenger. There, they have the option of accepting or rejecting the proposed shift.

Cost reductions

Reduce additional costs by using the supplementary option of ZEUS® Time & Attendance. Both software modules support each other, which means that you will always be made aware of understaffing, overstaffing and absenteeism. The time tracking is controlled by the staff planning. The planning is therefore automatically based on the correct working time models, and the working hours of the employees are billed correctly.