The business about the bones

The business about the bones

For centuries, there has been almost no trace of the 20,000 casualties of the Battle of Waterloo. Initially, it was assumed that the bones has already been dug up in the 1820s and processed into bone meal for fertiliser. Archaeologists have now discovered that the bones of the fallen were used for sugar production. The bones were crushed into bone charcoal. Then, the organic material was used to filter and bleach the sugar.

Fast collection

Collection is fast and secure – in all production areas, in design and in development. Regardless of the amount of data to be collected, whether it is a simple project or order time recording in small and medium-sized craft businesses or complex operational data collection with ERP connection in industry.


With up-to-date information, you have the potential to improve. Constant access to simultaneous data allows you to efficiently identify problem areas in order to optimise them. Among other things, you can optimise your plan calculation and meet cycle times and delivery dates. Analyse vulnerabilities and compare departments as well as entire business units.