Theft prevention with ISGUS

Theft prevention with ISGUS

Supermarkets are starting to introduce anti-theft devices for groceries. This is due to increasing theft volumes experienced as of late due to rising prices i.e.  inflation. ISGUS offers around-the-clock protection with ZEUS® Access Control to ensure optimal anti-theft protection for your company.

Individual profiles

ZEUS® Access Control helps you define individual access profiles for room zones and security areas. Customers may use the inheritance principle to flexibly and clearly manage access rights for employees, visitors and external companies. Changes to organisational structures, building uses or employee tasks are quickly and clearly stored in the locking plan with the relevant adjustments.

Moving beyond security

Besides safety matters, every structural situation deserves a visually appealing implementation option. With this in mind, we give you ample leeway when it comes to safety and design requirements. Furthermore, the ISGUS solution supports all common identification methods, whereby we prefer the secure and field-tested methods MifareDESFire and Legic advant.