Using <strong>smartphones</strong> for access control and time recording

Using smartphones for access control and time recording

Modernity and digitisation are important terms in the world of work, as they influence the processes and developments of almost all companies. In the area of workforce management, too, more and more companies are relying on digital solutions to record time and project data or to control access. However, many come up against a common problem: transponders or badges are still necessary for identification, which means that they have to be carried around at all times. 

Although these can be quickly blocked in the system if they are lost, even this results in low costs. Furthermore, employees are always dependent on carrying their badges with them, as they need them to enter the building. The use of smartphones for identification is more modern and, in this respect, also more reliable, as it can be carried without having to think about it too much. The ZEUS® smartID app communicates via Bluetooth with the ISGUS terminals and thus enables access to buildings or the booking of working hours. 

This offers the advantage that the devices, which are becoming more and more integrated into everyday life, can now also be easily integrated into everyday business life and conventional transponders therefore become superfluous

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