Work with ZEUS® X mobile app despite a railway strike

Work with ZEUS® X mobile app despite a railway strike

Great Britain is facing a possible large-scale railway strike. The economy is already being prepared with emergency plans. Not only could the supply of food and fuel collapse, but people who rely on the railway as a means of transport are also faced with a problem.

With ZEUS® X mobile app, this hardly matters anymore. You and your employees can work from anywhere. Working and project times are recorded easily and without any problems. Even without a continuous connection to a server, the data is stored on the mobile device. In the case of offline queries, results from the previous day are displayed in order to provide a working basis. Once the connection to the server is restored, the data is transferred to the host and the offline query values are updated.

Time recording however you like

Working hours and production times can be recorded from anywhere, no matter where it is. Use the shift swap exchange where you need it. With the ZEUS® X mobile app, you always have your workforce management with you. As a SaaS customer in the ISGUS data centre, you have a permanent online connection to your host.

Mobile Time Management with the ISGUS App. We present numerous functions - see for yourself: