Workflows for ideal <strong>Holiday Management</strong>

Workflows for ideal Holiday Management

Annual holiday planning is always a challenge for many entrepreneurs and their employees, as the coordination effort increases the more employees have to be involved in this process. At the same time, important communication channels must be manned and, for example, production must continue. 

You can reduce this coordination effort with the clear and easy-to-use workflows from ISGUS. Every employee has access to the group diary in which all planned absences of colleagues can be seen directly. For the request of new days of absence, e.g. for summer holidays, the correct approver is then directly stored, so that the request immediately reaches the right place. In addition, colleagues can be informed about the request so that the substitute is automatically informed. Notifications about a new request can be sent to the relevant persons in several ways, e.g. as a push message to the smartphone or by e-mail, and thus reach them wherever they are currently active. 

These workflows and other useful functions of ZEUS® Time and Attendance support you in internal coordination and simplify your processes so that you can concentrate on what really counts. Make Holiday Management a secondary matter.

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