<strong>Workforce Management Integrations</strong> » Maximise your Efficiency

Workforce Management Integrations » Maximise your Efficiency

The recording and evaluation of working hours takes over important management and control functions in the company. In this way, it can be ensured that employees have performed the contractually prescribed work and have taken the legal requirements into account. The modular software solution ZEUS® from ISGUS offers the combination of time recording, staff scheduling, production data capture and access control and can be used conveniently and cost-efficiently in the ISGUS data centre

However, some processes bordering on Workforce Management go beyond the simple recording of working hours or simple access control. In order to maximise efficiency, interfaces and integrations to third-party systems are therefore suitable. 


Interfaces to payroll systems are often implemented so that working hours can be precisely accounted for. HR solutions are also used at a higher level in most companies. These manage personnel data, keep a remuneration history or regulate training and further education. Many companies also use ERP software for production planning and control or for accounting and controlling. The exchange of order data or production times is of particular importance in order to avoid transmission errors. This is especially true for SAP, which is the most frequently used ERP software.

In addition to these common third-party programmes, there are also many individual applications that enable workforce management integration. Resource planning programmes are used to exchange staff availability. Calendar data exchange is often an essential component or the integration of third-party terminals and thus the exchange between different booking systems

The data formats for import and export also differ, which we will be happy to adapt to your individual needs.