Absence management requests – complete control for you </br> and your employees

Absence management requests – complete control for you
and your employees

Book holidays, business trips, and have the ability to manage sickness with a full audited request system

ZEUS® Workflow for Employee-self-service

The web connects all company locations, subsidiaries and home offices—providing a worldwide communication platform. All ZEUS® Time & Attendance functions are available via the internet.


ZEUS® WebClient enables decentralised administration of your time management, including:

  • Adding new employees
  • Workshift assignment
  • Absence planning
  • Bookings and totals update
  • Access to reports and evaluations

Workflow for Employee-self-service

Updates and absence requests can be made and approved via the Workflow. The request information is directly forwarded to the nominated approver via email, including:

  • Requests for business trips, holidays, totals or bookings updates
  • Individual approval hierarchies for each request type or absence, with any number of levels
  • All employees involved are informed about the approval status via email


Make bookings at any company location or workspace via the internet. A public access internet connection will allow you to process:

  • Workshift, attendance and absence bookings
  • Cost centre recording and account inquiries

Web Time Allocation

Allocation of calculated attendance times (total value or proportional percentage) to:

  • Projects and activities
  • Orders and/or cost centres

The data is then accessible for further processing in cost accounting, invoicing and control.

Web Presence Indication

The following information is available in real-time:

  • Current presence/absence status of employees
  • Employee names in alphabetical order, or filtered according to department or occupational field

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