Access Control in the UK

Security in companies is an important aspect - on the one hand you protect your employees and the company equipment, on the other hand you protect your company know-how and thus your competitive advantage. A security concept that is individually tailored to your needs is indispensable for this. Access Control and a corresponding access concept are an essential part of this. With the control of access, which is limited in time and possibly role-based, you achieve that you control who enters your premises and when, or can trace it in case of doubt. 

With ISGUS Access Control, it doesn't matter whether you want to secure your entire premises, one or more buildings or even rooms. The diverse software and hardware solutions provide you with ideal support and enable more efficient processes. You can store individual time authorisations and thus, for example, implement evening and weekend regulations. In addition, you can design individual employee badges instead of the classic transponders, so that each one can also be visually assigned directly to an employee. 

The ISGUS solution can be used in any industry and is scalable for all company sizes. New employees are also easily integrated into the access concept and are thus quickly authorised to enter the necessary areas.