ISGUS ensures safety and efficiency in SMEs through » Visitor Management

Businesses may struggle to handle unexpected visits, but we at ISGUS offer a solution to efficiently manage visits and ensure a smooth and secure process. This will help you maintain control and prevent any oversights.

ISGUS and its visitors software enable companies to enhance security and streamline the visitation process, guaranteeing a safe environment for all individuals entering the premises. Numerous visitors, including customers, maintenance staff, and others, visit the company regularly, making it crucial to ensure proper monitoring and welcoming procedures through effective Access Control measures.

Contact us now and take advantage of our professional visitor management solution. Whether you need temporary access to specific rooms or room zones, our visitor management system can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with ZEUS® Access Control and Time and Attendance. With our digital visitor management solution and ISGUS terminals, you can ensure reliable Visitor Management without the need for a gatekeeper.