Active security around your company – What does it look like with the ZEUS® Security Monitor?

For more security, the security monitor visualises and manages all events and messages generated and forwarded by the ZEUS® Access Control. This is allowing your security officers to effortlessly monitor all protected areas. It can be clearly compiled on any dashboards and called up by the security department. All conceivable access events can be categorised and reactions or actions can be defined for each type of event.

This can be the display of notices and measures, the control of a camera surveillance, the locking or opening of doors or gates. For example, an object prevents the correct locking of a door. A message appears in the safety monitor and the event can be observed more closely via the surveillance camera. After the obstacle is removed and the door is properly closed, the message in the safety monitor disappears. The automatic notification of certain persons via e-mail or push message is also initiated in this way.

Take, for example, a roller shutter that is to be opened with the smartphone via our ZEUS® smartID app. However, the person in the trolley has no authorisation. This in turn triggers two events. On the one hand, the security service is informed with a warning signal on the monitor and immediately sees the situation via the camera image. Secondly, the supervisor of the unauthorised person receives a push message on his smartphone that an attempt was made to open the gate. In this way, you can also generally improve your work processes internally.

Dangers are immediately localised and visualised in real time. If action catalogues are stored for a certain type of event, these are also automatically set in motion. In this way, the danger report is immediately in the right place to avert a danger or threat. The ZEUS® Security Monitor thus fulfils the essential functions of a security control centre. All access events and the associated measures and actions are confirmed, logged and documented for evaluation and later review.

The ZEUS® Security Monitor is supplied pre-configured and is ready for use quickly and with little effort. The ZEUS® security monitor communicates via a secure connection with all other ZEUS® modules such as ZEUS® Access Control, ZEUS® keyless and visitor management.

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