Digitalisation in the industry » ISGUS compact

Ireland and the UK are masters at fixing existing things rather than updating and replacing their familiar devices and technologies. Due to the changing mindset of the "digital natives", the lack of digitalisation over the years has created a huge skills gap and a productivity problem, which are closely linked.

Due to the changing times, a lot of expertise and experience is lost as there are difficulties in passing on all the know-how to the next generations. By passing on the knowledge of the previous age groups to the following employees through digitalisation, one can limit the existing shortage of skilled workers. To remedy this, one would have to make the industry more attractive for young people. The "digital natives", as they are called, expect new solutions and data that contribute to decision-making. In general, they want their daily lives to be modernised.

With the help of our ZEUS® Workforce Management, it is possible to adapt the system in such a way that fast and easy data capture can be carried out both stationary and mobile. This makes it possible to sustainably improve the data basis, speed up processes and decisions and assign key figures to the operations to simplify management. Production Date Capture that is passed on to the ERP system is always congruent with time management and staff is optimally planned.

The ISGUS system creates a continuous digital process from production to payroll. Our modules Time & Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Production Data Capture and Access Control bring many benefits. It is possible to create individual as well as motivational working hours through the modules, which are a high priority for Generation Z.

The solutions from ISGUS are a great help in meeting the demands of today and are optimally suited for industry.