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Digitalised processes for all workplace endeavours

With the emergence of digital HR solutions, employers must rethink and reset or risk losing all competitive edge with other firms.
Digitalised processes can boost everything from business outcomes to employee wellbeing and personal productivity, but one size doesn’t fit all, and these can’t just be turned on. Over a third (37%) of employees across Europe reported difficulties in using and understanding new digital approaches, which means the onus is now falling squarely on employers to step up education if they are the get the most out of their tech investment.

To combat this confusion and optimise employees’ digital experiences, many companies are turning to everything from on-site training to employee-oriented HR applications. The call to action is clear – businesses need to use technology to support vital functions such as training and personal development, but they also must ensure that all employees are educated on how to use the tech to reap the benefits.

Benefit from the advantages of ISGUS Workforce Management! The digital time recording from ISGUS, for example, is suitable for all industries and company sizes and can be individually designed. Thanks to the high practical relevance and performance of ZEUS® Time & Attendance, working times and absences are reliably automated. This significantly reduces your effort for routine activities. All these functions are available for smartphones and tablets and make time management completely location-independent and digital. Another advantage of ZEUS® Time & Attendance is its optimal interaction with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. Take a step towards digitalisation with workforce management from ISGUS!