Digitization of Time Management

ISGUS is your perfect partner when it comes to the change to digitialization 4.0. Take advantage of continuous change and start early to think about your company’s future in the digital world. ISGUS not only develops state-of-the-art web-based solutions, but at the same time as an outsourcing partner with its own data centre, also has exceptional skills in digitalization. Let ISGUS successfully accompany you with their experience in H.R. on your way to digitialization.

The advantages of the ISGUS solution ZEUS® eXperience are clear: paperless, mobile, automated.

Our software solution can be integrated into your company meeting your individual needs. Order data, project and Production Data Capture are paperless via the selection of suggested lists on the touchscreen and mobile on the smartphone and tablet. This provides increased opportunities for innovative tasks, and efficiencies that contribute to increased revenue and return on investment. In digital Time Recording, processes must be automated and specific data and information must be delivered in a personalised way.

Digital Time Recording is now more important than ever, because fast and accurate decisions can only be made on the basis of reliable and up-to-date data.