Effects of the pandemic on the national labour market

The fact that the pandemic has a strong impact on the labour market was already noticeable last year, as many employees were furloughed and could no longer work their normal hours. This year, too, the effects are very visible. The unemployment rate has risen to 4.7% and has reached a new record with almost one million job vacancies.

Many companies lack employees. But often they cannot hire them due to economic reasons or new hygiene regulations. One aspect of this is that the recording of working hours and different work locations is not clearly regulated for entrepreneurs and therefore causes uncertainty. With digital Workforce Management from ISGUS, you avoid uncertainties and can include all employees at any time thanks to flexible time recording.

In addition to the classic option of recording working hours, you can clearly see which employees are active where, e.g. in the office or in the home office. In addition, the various employee-self-services give you the freedom to submit requests directly and digitally so that they can be processed smoothly. 

Take advantage of the digital benefits and be prepared for the future with the intelligent ISGUS solution.