Enable security with ISGUS Room Monitoring

In current times, distance must be kept everywhere to avoid the risk of an infection with the COVID-19 virus. This is easier to do outdoors than indoors. Especially in companies it is important to control how many persons stay in one room to guarantee the distance necessary. Therefore, ZEUS® Access Control from ISGUS is your perfect solution.

With ZEUS® you can not just control and manage which employees are allowed to enter the building at which time, but additionally can measure how many persons currently stay in one area. With Room Monitoring from ISGUS you can block further access if a certain number of persons is reached. For example for meetings you can guarantee, that it take place with just an allowed number of persons for this room.

Furthermore, you can integrate external persons or visitors into this process. Thanks to ZEUS® visitor management they are equipped with an individual badge, so you can capture every access.

Avoid unneccesary risks and secure your business processes with ISGUS.