Flexible Time Recording with Geo Data

The modern working world requires flexible working hours and workplaces, also at the request of the employees. For many who previously only knew the familiar working environment in the office, this is a big change. For employees who were already working in the field before the corona pandemic, however, not much will change. After the pandemic, appointments will again take place out of the office, so times will have to be recorded while on the road. 

The current ideal solution via the PC or laptop in the home office is not suitable here. With ZEUS® mobile, we offer you the perfect alternative. We enable you to simply make time bookings via smartphone and tablet, to query balances or to make absence entries via the ISGUS app. This means that all employees can access the system from their current location and are always informed. 

Gefencing is suitable for explicit customer appointments. Thereby, bookings are automatically executed at a predefined location or suggested to the employee. This speeds up the process considerably and reduces the susceptibility to errors. In addition, it allows you to record not only time but also performance data and assign the different employee times to different projects.

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