ISGUS TEAM » brandnew digital employee magazine

Our employees are in focus – motivated, activated and informed!

We are pleased to announce that the first edition of our new employee magazine "ISGUS TEAM" will be published in June 2023.
As the team is the heart of the company, it is of great importance for us to show you this first issue of our magazine.

The magazine puts the focus on people and offers other platforms for communication. We hope that "ISGUS TEAM" will be a precious addition to ourcross-site communication and that it'll give a great occasion for our workers to get informed.

The following topics await you in the first issue...

135 times of ISGUS – our special anniversary is being celebrated. What began in 1888 with the development of the time clock has evolved at ISGUS through nonstop invention at the highets position, to comprehensive result generalities for all processes related to time and data recording. Without the inexhaustible commitment of all ISGUS employees, this success would not be possible. THANK YOU.

Export in transition – we present job profiles, new team members and new projects. Read more about the interesting interview with our Managing Direcotr, Mr. Stefan Beetz and get more background information.

iFIT – A healthy work-life balance is very important to us for our employees. With iFIT, we take measures to promote the health of every employee.

We look forward to your feedback on the first issue of our employee magazine and hope you enjoy reading our first edition.