Manufacturing sector is experiencing a sharp decline

The year 2022 does not seem to have been an easy year for many entrepreneurs. Energy costs have risen dramatically and export demand has fallen. Shipping delays and associated costs have been blamed on Brexit. The number of people employed in the manufacturing sector fell, the biggest drop since October 2020. We look forward to seeing what the new year 2023 will bring.

However, we at ISGUS will support you even in difficult times

ZEUS® Production Data Capture ensures more transparency and more efficiency in your company. The PDC solution from ISGUS offers a spectrum from cost-centricity, where you can manage your costs and get a breakdown of how many hours each employee has worked in the different areas of the company. From job costing, where ZEUS® can provide you with additional information to ensure you don't exceed the number of hours you need for your budget. From providing detailed reports and overrun warnings to give you the confidence that you are staying within your budget.

Choose ISGUS and we will create added value together. Let us advise you individually!