Mobile Time and Attendance in the home office

Whether in corona lockdown or when we are back in normality, home office became a fix part of the modern working world. Beside the different daily task one task is concerning all employees: to record their personal working hours. With the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile you access your ZEUS® Workforce Management system in a simple way and all functions are always with you. 

To easily do IN and OUT bookings is just one of the diverse functions. In a few steps you can send requests to a supervisor or manager, and they also can release it mobile. When displaying the Presence Indicator with live data you simply check the current availibility. This let every employee know, where which colleague is working. Additionally, with the GPS tracking function it is possible to track the current location when doing a booking or to restrict bookings locally. 

Live reports of weekly time sheets or many different other parameters are available in the home office with the mobile Time and Attendance system from ISGUS. Use the advantages of our modern solution and increase the flexibility in your company. 


Mobile work is a core requirement for a successful future. Flexible working time models and felixible Workforce Management systems offer many advanatges for employees and companies. With the ZEUS® mobile app, ISGUS offers you a time management system that can reflect this. It combines all the modules of workforce management and makes them available for mobile use. Highly individual and always up to date.