More flexibility for better productivity

Not forgetting the lessons learned after the constraints of the pandemic and building on them with new ways of working is the necessary step that many companies around the world are already taking. Both employees and employers have had positive experiences with the flexibilisation of working hours and locations. It is now necessary to transport this knowledge into the future while retaining the advantages. 

Employees benefit from the flexible organisation of their working hours, which is particularly helpful when children need to be looked after or spontaneous appointments are pending. In addition, personal and business commitments can be better managed, shifts and absences can be better managed, and the freer choice of times and locations makes employees feel more valued

Employers benefit by having more engaged and productive employees by making them feel valued. This can improve cost structure, productivity and agility. Mobile based self-service tools benefit employees and managers alike, whether they are salaried or hourly workers. By empowering employees with real-time visibility and control of key work-related tasks business can improve employee engagement and automate processes, resulting in higher retention, better customer services and greater productivity.

With the ISGUS mobile app, you can include all employees at every location in your Workforce Management and benefit directly from increased flexibility. For example, working hours can be recorded on the move and employees also have the option of submitting absenteeism requests via their smartphone. In addition, shifts can be swapped or a current attendance overview can be displayed. Thus, everyone benefits. Employees can work more flexibly, which benefits employers, and the HR department has less administrative work.