NEW WORKforce Management

New Work describes a modern working culture that relies on cooperation and a maximum of flexibility. Another key factor is the technology that makes data and processes available on mobile devices allowing to work flexibly and independently.

In each company, New Work is handled differently because every company has to find their own way and the solution that fits their situation best. Furthermore, work-life balance is becoming increasingly important. Indeed, a fundamental change in values is taking place: in a society where basic needs such as food, education and housing are mainly satisfied, values ​​such as happiness, satisfaction and self-development become more and more important. In other words, work should not only generate income, but have a clear purpose and provide pleasure. Tomorrow's work will be different from today’s.

With the digital Workforce Management from ISGUS you are able to implement any conceivable work regulation and thus flexibly adapt working hours to the respective workload. Via integrated workflows, your employees are able to communicate autonomously with the ZEUS® system and perform routine tasks such as holiday requests and booking updates with minimal effort and without any loss of transparency. 

Multifunctional terminals and the use of the ZEUS® mobile app available for smartphones and tablets ensure the exemplary implementation of employee self-service. Sales representatives, employees working in home office or employees with stationary workstations in production - they all have access to the same functionality, information quality and comfort just like their office-based colleagues.

High practical relevance and efficiency of the ZEUS® software reliably automates time recording, processing and data transfer to your payroll.

This is how the ISGUS digital Workforce Management works. Being available for all offered media and thanks to intelligent functions, notifications and interactive and web-based communication, it noticeably reduces the users’ workload. With this solution, you are well prepared for any issues and changes that may come up in terms of working organisation and working hours, and that you may wish to implement in response to digitalisation - tomorrow and in the future.